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Gig Review: Everything from 2007 - Can't believe I haven't updated this page for 4 years. Jesus! That's a long time, but suprisingly the page wasn't that out of date, which shows how much my social life has moved on. Yes, I'm an even more cynical, tight and old bastard than ever before, and my taste in music is as shit as ever before. Which means I get driven to near insanity by the utter garbage pumped out by radio stations and TV music channels - it just all sounds the fucking same and it's all either lasses singing about having sex or blokes singing about how loaded they are and how big their cock is. Is that what I want to listen to? No, I want to listen to music that moans about everything that's wrong with the world and how everyone's skint and depressed and works too hard, and how we all want to kill each other - the odd love song is alright too. All this R&B shit is so pretentious and fake it irritates me more than a really bad ball rash... Anyway, I digress. I've caught a few gigs since 2007, although my gig-going has reduced a fair bit due to me getting lazy and losing touch with the new music scene. However I have seen the following gigs (that I can remember):
-Kings of Leon(@Arena 04/12/2008) Was canny, Sex on fire tour but I didn't even recognise the song when they started playing it - little did I know it would be the theme-tune to every disco I go to for the rest of my life. Played lots of old songs which please me more than most.

-Maximo Park (@Liverpool Uni 16/05/2009) Utter crap, new album was so piss-poor I wouldn't piss on it.

-Arctic Monkeys (@Arena 16/11/2009) Got to this gig late and they had already started, wish I'd never got there at all to save me the earache from this god-awful performance.

-Mama Mia (@Arena 12/12/2009) Mam's birthday present, good craic even with a nasty hangover.

-Prodigy (@Arena sometime I can't remember) Best gig for ages, they blew the speakers it was so load. Dizzy Rascal supported and his DJ got hit by a pint of beer from the crowd. I nearly got hit by a car after the gig, quality night all round.

Gigz!: Arctic Monkeys - 05/11/2011

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